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  • Roots Tourism - Siddi
    29 June
    30 June

    Roots Tourism - Siddi

    Unique event

    The Municipality of Siddi, in the heart of Sardinia, invites you to participate in a unique and engaging event dedicated to Root Tourism. The weekend of June 29 and 30, 2024 will be an unmissable opportunity to rediscover the traditions, history and flavors of this land, with a series of activities designed to offer you an unforgettable sensory and emotional experience.

    Siddi (SU)

  • The Feast of St. John
    24 June
    25 June
    Feste patronali

    The Feast of St. John


    The Feast of St. John, celebrated on June 24, is a fascinating holiday in Sardinia. This holiday, rich in symbolism and ancient traditions, represents a moment of strong connection with the island's cultural roots.

    Assemini (CA)

  • Sant'Efisio: an inseparable promise
    01 May
    04 May

    Sant'Efisio: an inseparable promise


    The feast of Sant'Efisio is the most important religious and cultural event in Sardinia. It is held every year on May 1st, continuously since 1657. The four-day procession runs about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Cagliari to Pula. The statue of the saint is carried on the shoulders of the faithful, who take turns along the route. The procession is accompanied by folk groups in Sardinian costume, dancing and singing in honor of the saint. The festival is an event deeply felt by the Sardinian people. It is an opportunity to renew one's faith and to ask for the saint's intercession for oneself and one's loved ones. It is also an important cultural event, celebrating Sardinian culture.

    Cagliari (CA)

  • Between history, knights and stars: the Sartiglia of Oristano
    11 February
    13 February

    Between history, knights and stars: the Sartiglia of Oristano


    The Sartiglia of Oristano is a traditional festival with ancient roots that celebrates history, culture and equestrian skill. Deriving from the Latin "Sorticula," the term Sartiglia reflects the knights' attempt to hit a hanging star. Its origins date back to the 11th century, evolving from military games to public spectacles in the 15th and 16th centuries. The event includes stages such as the Vestizione, the Corsa alla Stella and the Pariglie, with distinctive costumes for the various flocks. The Sartiglia represents a cultural heritage to be preserved, combining tradition and mystery in an event that links the past to the present.

    Oristano (OR)

  • Feast of St. Anthony the Abbot - the struggle between good and evil
    16 January
    17 January

    Feast of St. Anthony the Abbot - the struggle between good and evil


    The Feast of Sant'Antonio Abate is one of the most heartfelt feasts in Sardinia. On the occasion of this festival in so many towns in Sardinia, large bonfires are lit in honor of the saint; in Mamoiada it coincides with the first seasonal outing of the famous "Mamuthones" and "Issohadores" masks who do a ritual dance around the bonfires. Many Mamoiadinians living abroad prefer to return to the village for Sant'Antonio Abate rather than for the Christmas holidays precisely because they are deeply attached to this holiday. The connection to this saint is so deep that many emigrants who are unable to return to Sardinia for the festival organize the lighting of fires directly in the places where they reside.

    Mamoiada (NU)

  • Carnival of Cuglieri
    08 February
    13 February

    Carnival of Cuglieri


    Cuglieri Carnival is a traditional festival in Sardinia characterized by colorful costume parades, traditional masks and folkloric dances. The local community enthusiastically participates in this event, celebrating culture and tradition through cheerful events and engaging performances.

    Cuglieri (OR)


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